Welcome to ISKK

Our school and programs are designed to help students all around the world learn the art of Tracy Kenpo Karate. We provide many different options for learning Kenpo with our premier training taking place at Virtualkenpo.com. You can earn Belt Rank when you sign up as a student at the online training facility.

Online School

Virtual Kenpo is our online training facility which allows you to train anywhere internet is accessible. You can gain Belt Rank and have access to a professional instructor to help guide you along your journey.

On Demand Videos

Our easy to follow Lessons are available Vimeo and Gumroad; which, allows you to stream our training any time. This is great for those not interested in Belt Rank, but still want to learn Self-Defense.

Private Lessons

We also offer live private lessons via video conference for our students at Virtual Kenpo. Students can directly interact with an instructor for a more personal learning experience.

What We Teach

Our training includes over 100 hours of videos. These videos include self-defense techniques, kicks and hand strikes, and many katas. This training is designed to increase speed, stamina, confidence, and the ability to defend yourself.

What People Say About Our Online Course

Our training courses have a 5 star rating on Facebook.

This is a great course. Highly suggest you give it a try. Videos are easy to follow and the course is very affordable. Sifu is great at teaching Kenpo.

R Moore - Student

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